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Andrew N. Blackwood, Ed.D.

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Executive Director
National Youth Science Foundation
Post Office Box 3387
Charleston, WV 25333
Andrew (at)
+1 (304) 342.3326 – office voice
+1 (304) 342.8856 – office fax

Education Click to see more pictures from Dolly Sods, March 2001
Click for additional pictures from Canaan Valley in 2001.

  • West Virginia University
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    • Master of Science in Mathematics, 1990
  • University of Charleston, WV
    • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, 1988
    • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 1988
  • Kanawha County Schools
    • Charleston High School, 1981 – 1984 (Diploma)
    • Horace Mann Junior High School, 1978 – 1981
    • Kanawha City Elementary, 2nd – 6th grades, 1973 – 1978
    • Fort Hill Elementary, 1st grade, 1972 – 1973
Professional Organizations
  • Mathematical Association of America
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • National Science Teachers Association
  • West Virginia Science Teachers Association
Extra-curricular Interests
  • Blackwood Family
  • Photo Galleries and Multimedia
  • National Association for Search and Rescue
  • National Speleological Society
  • SEO services for my site


Click to visit the NRAO web site. Click to see a larger version of this image. Click to see more SAR pictures.  
Green Bank, WV
Avis Bridge, Hinton, WV.
Rear Adm. E. N. Blackwood, USNR (Ret)
Resident Engineer
Gov. Underwood and my K-9
Search and Rescue partner, Elsa
SAR Pictures
My girls: Catherine, Molly, and Madelene

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